Thursday, August 5, 2010

What A Strange Child

You may remember 6th grader, O.V, and her moonwalking and dead puppy drawings. Well, I've collected a few things of hers, as she is prone to random acts of funny.

First, she answered the question of the day, "What did you do over Spring Break?":

I'm trying to decide if I should be insulted by being compared to a curvy girl in a sea of skinny. Especially since I was 25 weeks pregnant at the time...

Next, she drew something to depict her understanding of apartheid in South Africa:

Again with the puppies? It's all very West Side Story the way she shows it.

And finally, a drawing to prove that even 6th graders are obsessed with Lady GaGa:

I agree, O.V...what kind of kooky getup is that?

Political Cartoons Gone Funny

In 6th Grade we were discussing Asian countries and tying in the idea of using political cartoons to convey a message about government issues. Each student was to make a political cartoon to explain issues in one of the countries. Here are three interesting submissions:

First R.H. tackles issues in North Korea:
I'm not sure what point he's trying to make, but the smiling "gunman" on the bottom right has an interesting choice of weapon. What a mess to clean up after that weapon goes off! Maybe he's going for shock and awe instead of dead?

K.W. is also interested in the issues of North Korea:

If you can't read it clearly, here's the script:
Girl: I'm sorry Master, that's the biggest suit we have!
Kim Jung Il: Seize her!
Satan (wearing a shirt that says Satan's bff): I hate my job
I love that Kim Jung Il's size is accurately represented and Satan appears to be his henchman (and his own bff? and he hates his job like the rest of us?). 

And lastly, O.V. (of moonwalk fame), decided to weigh in on China's one child policy:

Again, script for you to read better:
Mother Dog: But why? I wanna keep my puppies!
Chinese Law Enforcement Dog: You know how overpopulated this place is. I'm just doing my job.
Nosy Poodle: Interesting.
It's the frightening depiction of the dead puppies that gets you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've been really awful at keeping up with this blog in the past 5 or so months because I've been so busy. The good news is that I have not slowed down on acquiring new material from my students. I have a stack of stuff to scan in and post and school is out in 2 more days, so I'll get right on it soon.

Today I want to mention a quote I overheard by 4th grader M.B. while he was chatting and working with other students on his final exam review. He said "When I'm in 7th grade and I get my credit card, I'm gonna go online and buy an upgrade for my game".

He said it so matter-of-factly that I didn't have the heart to tell him that 7th graders aren't old enough to get credit cards. That and he probably will not care at all about the dumb game in 3 years.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flatulence is Never Not Funny

I recently intercepted a note in my 7th grade class, intended for R.T. The sender's name was not listed. I was hoping for some juicy, angsty 7th grade gossip, but instead I found this drawing:

I'm not sure why they are cross-eyed. Is it because the gas pressure is too much? Does the force of the fart cause the smaller ones to lean or even tumble? Fart jokes are certainly timeless.

If you give a kid some playdoh...

In my class, kids earn tickets for behavior, quiz grades, and turning in work on time. They can then use the tickets to buy prizes. 7th grader U.O. (of Oreo fame) traded his tickets for a small tub of playdoh. While I thought I'd made it clear that prizes are not to be used during class, this concept was clearly foreign to U.O. While monitoring students doing independent work, I came upon young U.O. who had created this masterpiece:

He may have covered his $50+ textbook in 25-cent goo, but at least he's sorry about it. I'm not sorry I had my camera in my purse that day. He thought I was taking a picture to show the principal. Little does he know that he's now an internet artist.

It'd be funny.

This is a submission I've been sitting on for awhile. 6th grader O.V. gave it to me during the first week of school and it's been hanging in my classroom ever since because I love it so much.

It was so timely with the death of famed moonwalker, Michael Jackson (on a side note, kids are obsessed with the King of Pop this year - I guess it's all the media attention). I love that the first one is specifically a dog puppy. And I am really curious about what the fifth kind of puppy could have been had she not changed her mind.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where's Xavier Roberts when you need him?

A few weeks ago, I announced to my students that it was the 2 year anniversary of my wedding. 7th grader L.H. very seriously raises her hand and asks, "Are you going to get a baby?". I tried not to laugh at her selection of words and couldn't help but be reminded about the need for proper sex education in schools. But I guess a trip to the cabbage patch isn't entirely out of the question...