Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mmmm, Bacon

Today it was my 6th grade social studies students that provided the laughs.

Along with her writing assignment on why it's important to vote, J.A. included the following drawing:

You heard it here first, folks. If you don't vote, be prepared to cry a swamp of tears.

Then B.K. added some "embellishment" to her report about Canada:

Just so you know, she did include real Canadian facts under this random heading. Bacon? Burritos? After the previous Oreo incident, it is clear that my kids are preoccupied with food.

Monday, September 28, 2009

History is Infinite

Thanks to my 7th grade Texas History students, I have a few things to share this week.

In an assignment where the students were to write a summary to illustrate the relationship between a Native American group and the physical region in which they lived, I received the following two that had me laughing.

“Comanches Warriors would fight their enemies’ horses, to take it.” – K.C.
I can't help but to picture Comanches dukin' it out with some horses. Thanks K.C., and please talk to your English teacher.

“I can’t say the same for the Pueblo Culture, they should have left when they got their first chance….If you ask me they should’ve glued themselves to their few trees….If your still not convinced you might need to check out Seaworlds brochure. Honestly, I’d like to visit all of these regions but I’m stuck in the Central Plains, but that’s not stopping you from witnessing these great regions.” – U.O.
This wouldn't be that bad if he was in my 6th grade class, which studies contemporary culture and geography. I'm pretty sure the Native Americans who first settled in Texas were not persuaded by the glamour of SeaWorld.

Now another submission from the work of U.O. in 7th grade. The assignment was to create a book cover for a book about a Native American group. As you can see, he clearly had something else on his mind.

More LOLs coming soon!


After my experience as a camp counselor and now 6 weeks into my first year as a teacher, I've decided that I need a place to share my experiences. I have overheard many strange things and have received assignments that are just hilarious to read - and the best thing is that the kids aren't trying to be funny, they just are. I'll update as frequently as I come across new material. Also, feel free to submit any stories or examples of your own. Enjoy my new project!