Thursday, August 5, 2010

Political Cartoons Gone Funny

In 6th Grade we were discussing Asian countries and tying in the idea of using political cartoons to convey a message about government issues. Each student was to make a political cartoon to explain issues in one of the countries. Here are three interesting submissions:

First R.H. tackles issues in North Korea:
I'm not sure what point he's trying to make, but the smiling "gunman" on the bottom right has an interesting choice of weapon. What a mess to clean up after that weapon goes off! Maybe he's going for shock and awe instead of dead?

K.W. is also interested in the issues of North Korea:

If you can't read it clearly, here's the script:
Girl: I'm sorry Master, that's the biggest suit we have!
Kim Jung Il: Seize her!
Satan (wearing a shirt that says Satan's bff): I hate my job
I love that Kim Jung Il's size is accurately represented and Satan appears to be his henchman (and his own bff? and he hates his job like the rest of us?). 

And lastly, O.V. (of moonwalk fame), decided to weigh in on China's one child policy:

Again, script for you to read better:
Mother Dog: But why? I wanna keep my puppies!
Chinese Law Enforcement Dog: You know how overpopulated this place is. I'm just doing my job.
Nosy Poodle: Interesting.
It's the frightening depiction of the dead puppies that gets you.

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